We are Zappar, the world’s leading Augmented Reality platform and creative studio rolled into one. It's been our mission over the last ten years to democratize AR & MR (Mixed Reality).

During our decade in the industry, our Zappar Creative Studio team has built over a thousand AR experiences in partnership with some of the world's biggest brands. Our team have been pioneers in showcasing how AR technology can transform packaging, illuminate events, reimagine L&D and elevate marketing campaigns with innovative, engaging content.

Our proprietary Augmented Reality development toolkit, ZapWorks, puts the power of AR in the hands of designers and developers of all abilities. Targeting a wide range of business customers, from Learning & Development teams at Fortune 500 companies, to some of the most innovative AR creative agencies across the world, our platform and suite of creative tools and SDKs enable customers of all levels of technical and design abilities to push the boundaries of interactive creativity.

We are also the proud creators of ZapBox, the first and most affordable, mixed reality kit on the market that allows developers and businesses to design, build and create 3D experiences at a price-point for the mass market.